Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Printer

The process of choosing the right printer is not easy. There are so many features that need to be considered. These are some of the pointers which would help you in finding the right model and category of your printer.

Type of the printer

Printers are categorized in different ways. They are classified according to the technology used, the intended use (office or home) and their purpose (special or general). You are required to define all your needs before you start looking for an appropriate printer. Most of the printers including the photo and inkjet printers are classified as general purpose models.

The general purpose models are mainly used for printing graphics, texts, and photos. The special printers include the near-dedicated photo and dedicated printers, portable printers, and the label printers.The general purpose printer focuses more on photos. They can be used at home or in offices. They are therefore referred to as the multifunctional printers.


Technology used

The two types of technologies used in printing are the inkjet and laser type. Laser printers include the LED-based printers and the solid ink printer. There are some differences between the two technologies, but they overlap in some of their capabilities. Laser printers are known for producing higher quality texts when compared to the inkjet jet printer. On the other hand, the inkjet jet printers produce extremely highly quality photos. It is upon the user to decide on whether he or she is interested in photos or text when picking the right technology to use.

All-in-one printer or single-function printer you need to choose a printer with additional capabilities if you are interested in general-purpose printing. A multi-function printer (MFP) which is also known as the all-in-one printer (AIO) is the most suitable when it comes to general purpose printing. This printer combines other functions such as copying, scanning and faxing.

The office printers are also equipped with a very effective automatic document feeder. This device is very helpful for copying, scanning and faxing multipage documents as well as legal-size pages. The auto document feeder is also capable of handling the two-sided documents. It employs two sensors which enable it to scan both sides of a document. Additionally, some of the multi-functional printers are Wi-Fi enabled. This means that they can allow the user to print images and documents from handheld devices.


A fast printer is required when someone is printing a large number of documents for an extended period. A laser printer would be the best option for such a case. The inkjet jet printers are also fast, but they are more expensive as compared to the laser printers.


Output quality

The output quality produced by different printers varies significantly. You need to check out the graphics, texts, and photos separately. You should also read the available reviews for more details.